Online learning lecture notes

Online Learning Lecture Notes Gabor Bartok, David Pal, Csaba Szepesvari, Istvan Szita.

Regret Analysis of Stochastic and Nonstochastic Multi-armed Bandit Problems Sebastien Bubeck and Nicolas Cesa-Bianchi.

Statistical Learning and Sequential Prediction Alexander Rakhlin and Karthik Sridharan.

Lecture Notes on Online Learning Alexander Rakhlin.

Introduction to Online Convex Optimization Elad Hazan.

Online Learning and Online Convex Optimization Shai Shalev-Shwartz.

Bandit Algorithms Tor Lattimore and Csaba Szepesvari.

STATS 710: Sequential Decision Making with mHealth Applications Susan Muephy and Ambuj Tewari.

Introduction to Multi-Armed Bandits Aleksandrs Slivkins

Reinforcement learning lecture notes

INRIA Cource Alessandro Lazaric.

CMU course Emma Brunskill.

Markov Decision Processes: Lecture Notes Jay Taylor.

Optimization lecture notes

Convex Optimization: Algorithms and Complexity Sebastien Bubeck.

Convex Optimization Stephen Boyd and Lieven Vandenberghe.

Linear Coupling: An Ultimate Unification of Gradient and Mirror Decent Zeyuan Allen-Zhu and Lorenzo Orecchia.

Optimization Methods for Large-Scale Machine Learning Léon Bottou, Frank E. Curtis, Jorge Nocedal.

Convex Analysis Backgrounds John Duchi.

Subgradient Methods John Duchi.

Introduction to Stochastic Optimization John Duchi.

Convex Analysis. Tyrrell Rockafellar.

A Mini-Course on Convex Optimization Nisheeth K. Vishnoi

A lecture note on optimization SVN Vishwanathan

Algorithms, theoretical computer science
Learning Theory

Theory of Classification Stephane Boucheron, Olivier Bousquet and Gabor Lugosi.

Introduction to Statistical Learning Theory Stephane Boucheron, Olivier Bousquet and Gabor Lugosi

Mathematics of Machine Learning Philippe Regollet.

Algorithmic Aspects of Machine Learning Ankur Moitra.

Some PAC / Some active learning lecture notes Nina Balcan.


Pattern Classification and Machine Learning Matthias Seeger.

Introduction to Machine Learning Amnon Shashua.

Deep Learning Ian Goodfellow, Aaron Courville, and Yoshua Bengio.

Graphical Models (Princeton) David Blei.

Graphical Models (INRIA) Guillaume Obozinski, Simon Lacoste-Julien, and Francis Bach.

Graphical Models (CMU) Eric Xing.

Science Research Writing for Non-Native Speakers of English. Hilary Glasman-Deal.

Mathematical Writing Donald Knuth.